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It’s for You

I sit before a waterfall at dusk as Darkness, my old lover, fast approaches, streaming towards me on the wings of inevitability.   Another shift – this time drawing me with the departing light into a depth of space with … Continue reading

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Coin In a Slot

Even within this small planetary realm there are infinite, wondrous worlds of unimaginable beauty.   This planet itself sails around a small star in an immense galaxy of stars, while that galaxy floats in a vastness embracing billions of other … Continue reading

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To Understand

Sometimes I stare, still disbelieving, at the charred ruins of my burnt ambition, and the futility of all my former knowledge.   How swiftly the fire of recognition, once ignited, showed me there is nothing we can cling to, not … Continue reading

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After All

Crumbling under the weight of white light, heavy with crystallized patterns of time, snowfields kneel to starfields tonight, yielding to that immaculate depth, host to the ghost of cold fire adorning this magical mountain display.   Poised amidst shifting drifts … Continue reading

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