The Menu Mavens

I’ve met all sorts of talky people
who will quote delicious recipes
but when it comes to really cooking
there are still a lot of cold stoves.

Some collect a library of menus
from all the famous restaurants
but when it comes to truly dining
they never get around to ordering.

It seems we like to show our friends
how conversant we are with world cuisines
but despite our well-appointed kitchens
we prefer the pictures in the magazines.




About Bob OHearn

My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have several other sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Poetry and Prosetry: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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