Swinging In the Air

Two young mothers at the park playground are pushing their babies in their adjoining swing seats. They are talking to each other about a topic of mutual interest, while the babies look out at the view, curious, as they swing back and forth in the air. Because it is all new, they are ready for anything!

I remember the day I saw a blue bird fly past me, while I sat in a stroller at the park playground. I didn’t know what it was, but I had never seen such a marvelous creature, and as it flew before me it made such a strong impression that I can still clearly see it now, winging in slow motion through the air. Perhaps at the moment I die it will appear again to guide me beyond this temporary world. That would be wonderful!

Meanwhile, the two young mothers are so caught up in their conversation they fail to notice that their babies have grown up and are now walking out of the playground. They have earned their college degrees already and might just spend a year touring the world before settling down and committing to 40 years at jobs they would just as soon not have to do, except in this world you must do such things anyway — it’s just how it is these days.

They look back at their mothers with a touch of nostalgia, remembering the good times when all you were required to do was sit in a swing chair and be pushed back and forth in the air. In retrospect, it was heavenly, but at the time there were no words for heaven, so it all just was what it was.

Now they have children of their own, and on Saturdays they may take them down to the playground, where the other parents are chatting together while trying to keep an eye on their kids. The children run around, squealing with delight, as if they had not a care in the world. Why should they? Why should we?

In any case, we do not really know what the children are absorbing from their trip. Perhaps they are seeing a part of the show that really makes an impression on them, and as they age, it stays with them. Maybe it was the way the tree leaves broke off and floated on the breeze out over the pond, and as they did, a thrill ran through the body of the child, a kind of immediate intense ecstasy with no roots in the known.

Later, they would try to duplicate that feeling, and so you have the whole world as it is today, filled with children trying to catch the wind once more, even though they are grown now, and the wind is merely a reason to wrap oneself in a stylish jacket, while pushing babies on a swing.


About Bob OHearn

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