Skating On a Thread

My thoughts glide like an awkward skater around an ice rink,
sometimes pausing to do spinning tricks, at other times
leaping through the air, only to collapse on the floor.

There may be a brief moment of hushed silence, but soon
the mind resumes again with its entertaining performance.

I am the skater and audience too, imagine that!

There are a thousand would-be Persian poets on Social Media
posting about light and love and the breath of God, but my mind
just straps on its skates and goes out again to fall on its face.

Some say falling is grace, but not to the face –
this poem wants to say something
but perhaps it should wait.



About Bob OHearn

My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: Verses and ramblings on life as it is: Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: Verses on the Play of Consciousness: Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: Poems of the Mountain Hermit: Love Poems from The Book of Yes: Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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