Your Place

Up here along the ridge of the canyon
it is easy to relax and goof off,
which suits me just fine.

Once I was a vehicle the universe employed
to do a certain job it seems it had to do:
run around in circles till it was time
to either stop or drop.

Now I stroll the ridge in a straight line,
happy to be going nowhere in particular,
just walking into each vanishing moment
and disappearing one step at a time.

Behind me, I sometimes hear voices.

They fade in and out like a car radio station
you can’t quite tune in — maybe an Oldies station
where the static clouds the lyrics, but part of you
still remembers them anyway.

Perhaps you are tempted to sing along,
even if it feels silly — to just sing out loud
down into the canyon, and have a voice
you barely recognize softly echo back.

Other times, the wind pauses for moment
and everything gets very still. In that sudden
breathless silence you slowly lift your gaze
to the enormous sky, rolling on and on.

In the scheme of things, at last
you know your place.



About Bob OHearn

My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: Essays on the Conscious Process: Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: Verses and ramblings on life as it is: Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: Verses on the Play of Consciousness: Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: Poems of the Mountain Hermit: Love Poems from The Book of Yes: Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: Thank You!
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